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What Is The Best Time To Buy Granite Countertops?

If you are thinking of changing your granite countertops, an important question must arise in your mind what the best time to buy a granite countertop is? Installment of granite stone for your countertop requires thorough research because of its high cost. It would be best if you make a proper plan before buying and installing granite countertops in your kitchen. Since you want to fix the granite countertop in the first attempt without creating any mess, it will be available at reasonable prices. The price of this stone does not remain steady over the year, so there is a chance of buying it at low rates.

best time to buy granite countertops

This article brings inclusive knowledge for installing or replacing your kitchen countertops at the best time and at an acceptable price. But before we discuss the time for purchasing the granite countertop, we will go through some reasons for replacing or buying new countertops.

Reasons for buying new granite countertops

When you plan to buy new things, there must be some reasons behind that decision. One reason for purchasing granite counters might be that you need them for your new home. Your home looks amazing and gains its value when you install granite countertop in the kitchen or bathroom. Installation of a countertop will serve several objectives in addition to adding a sense of elegance.

On the other hand, you want to remodel your kitchen and replace the older countertops. It might be possible your countertops are get damaged that cannot be fixed. You can fix Minor chips and remove grease stains. However, if your countertop’s condition is beyond repair, replace it with the new one.

Make a proper plan before buying granite countertops

All of us know that kitchen renovation is costly, but you can make it affordable with proper knowledge. There are several points; if you try to focus on them, you can make renovation economical. You might be wrong if you assume there will be an off-season sale for granite counters. Still, you might find a chance of its sale on public holidays, but always don’t rely on it.

Moreover, plan a suitable time for installing granite countertops. Since its installation can’t be possible in just a few hours, it needs weeks for installation. So, if you are thinking about installing this during your holidays, it would be a complex process.

Best time to buy granite countertops

After planning the time for installing a granite countertop, a question will arise: Which season will be best for performing this task? There are diverse opinions people. Some say spring and summer are best, while others consider winter the best time. However, each season has its advantages and disadvantages for installing new countertops.

1. Spring/summer for installing a new countertop

Spring and summer are considered the best time for installing countertops. Because installing in this month could be beneficial in many ways. Firstly at this warmer time of the year, you don’t need to make any effort to keep your kitchen warm. So setting up the new countertops and cabinets will not be a big challenge. Secondly, your home will be ready before the holiday season, and you don’t need to worry about the renovation.

Despite the benefits, installing granite countertops in this season has some cons.

One is its high cost. As we have stated, granite stone cannot be purchased at a reduced cost. Since summer is the busiest time for the fabricators, besides the high demands of granite and other famous stone countertops, you should postpone your plan to install it if you don’t have any urgent situation.

Another drawback is especially for those allergic to dust and pollen grains. When new countertops and cabinets are installed, there will be excellent dust and risk for people with dust mite allergies.

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2. Winter for installing a new countertop

Installing granite countertops in winter is beneficial in different ways. First, it could be a cost-effective process in this season. During this season, most fabricators are free compared to the summer season and can perform their tasks efficiently. This season you can buy granite countertops at a discounted price. As on the national holidays, some dealers provide these at fewer prices.

As we have discussed above, the installation process in summer could be risky for allergic people, so this is the best time for them to install countertops without any pain.

Similar to summer, winter has its disadvantages for installing countertops. Firstly, you have to keep your home warm. If you fail to keep the environment warm, setting up the adhesives on your countertops and cabinets will take a long time. Hence the process will take more time than usual. Secondly, it could be challenging to bring the stuff in and out of the house during the snowfall. Then it will be a lengthy procedure and will affect your holiday period. 


From where should you buy a granite countertop, a local store or an online retailer?

You should buy a granite countertop from a local store. It is not such kind of material that you can take estimation through the pictures provided by an online retailer. On the other hand, a local supplier will allow you to inspect the material properly.

What is the granite countertop cost?

The cost of a granite countertop varies according to its configuration, including color and width. It will cost between $35 and $100 per square feet, according to its type.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, deciding the best time for your countertops is totally up to you. Whether you choose summer or winter time for installation, you need to be prepared to tackle their respective drawbacks, as we discussed above. However, if you are still unable to decide the best time, you don’t need to worry because stone fabricators are always available to provide 100% satisfactory work. Plan to upgrade or install the countertops, you can contact us to get premium granite countertops installation services.

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