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Cambria Quartz Colors

Cambria quartz is known for its stunning and diverse range of colors and patterns, often inspired by natural stone and designed to fit various styles and preferences. Here are some popular Cambria quartz colors:

Popular Cambria Quartz Colors

  1. Brittanicca

    • Description: Features sweeping, bold marble-like veining in shades of gray and white, mimicking natural marble.
    • Style: Perfect for modern and contemporary designs.

  2. Ella

    • Description: A soft white base with delicate gray veining, offering a subtle and elegant look.
    • Style: Ideal for classic and timeless kitchen and bathroom designs.

  3. Berwyn

    • Description: A mix of warm, creamy tones with subtle gray and gold veining, creating a rich and luxurious appearance.
    • Style: Great for traditional and transitional spaces.

  4. Summerhill

    • Description: Features a light, neutral base with intricate gray and white veining, reminiscent of natural stone.
    • Style: Suits a variety of styles, from modern to traditional.

  5. Torquay

    • Description: Mimics the look of white marble with its soft, subtle veining on a creamy white background.
    • Style: Perfect for elegant and refined designs.

  6. Skara Brae

    • Description: Bold and dramatic with large, flowing gray and white veins across a creamy background.
    • Style: Ideal for statement pieces in modern and contemporary kitchens.

  7. Whitney

    • Description: Features a crisp, white base with soft, feathery gray veining, offering a serene and clean look.
    • Style: Great for minimalist and Scandinavian-inspired designs.

  8. Colton

    • Description: Warm beige tones with subtle white veining, creating a cozy and inviting appearance.
    • Style: Suits traditional and rustic designs.

  9. Annicca

    • Description: Striking white base with dramatic gold and gray veining, adding a touch of luxury.
    • Style: Perfect for glamorous and sophisticated spaces.

  10. Ironsbridge

    • Description: Features a soft, warm base with subtle, yet striking veining in shades of gray and taupe.
    • Style: Versatile and fits both contemporary and traditional designs.

  11. Clairidge

    • Description: A bold design with deep, dark tones and intricate white and gold veining.
    • Style: Ideal for making a statement in modern and eclectic spaces.

Choosing the Right Cambria Quartz Color

When selecting a Cambria quartz color for your project, consider the following:

  1. Overall Design Style:

    • Match the quartz color to the style of your kitchen or bathroom. For example, choose soft, subtle colors for classic designs and bold, dramatic colors for modern spaces.

  2. Cabinet and Wall Colors:

    • Ensure the quartz color complements your existing cabinet and wall colors to create a cohesive look.

  3. Lighting:

    • Consider how natural and artificial lighting in the space will interact with the quartz color.

  4. Personal Preference:

    • Ultimately, choose a color that you love and that reflects your personal style.

Cambria quartz offers a wide range of beautiful colors and patterns to suit any design style. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of marble-like veining or the bold drama of dark tones, there is a Cambria quartz color to match your vision. Use these popular options as a starting point to find the perfect quartz for your kitchen or bathroom remodel.