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How Much Does It Cost To Remodel A Small Kitchen?

If you want to renovate your kitchen, first you should understand the cost of remodeling your small kitchen. Although renovating the smaller kitchen is expensive but not as much as, the larger kitchen does. Since the smaller kitchen needs less material and construction time, making it is less costly. You can remodel the small kitchen without hesitation if you have a limited budget. In another case, if you don’t have enough budget and you want to skip some things, for the time being, you must be aware of the cost of everything. 

how much does it cost to remodel a small kitchen

Small kitchen costs differ depending on a variety of elements, including size and location. If you are living in a metropolitan area, the price will be high, while remodeling will be cost-effective in a smaller town. Other factors also have some impact on the cost, such as types of remodeling, materials, labor, and design. An outline of the variables that influence the cost of small kitchen remodeling will be given in this article. Hence, you can estimate the budget and cost before remodeling your kitchen.

Cost of a small kitchen to remodel

Small kitchens range in size from 70 to 200 square feet. Depending on the size of the remodel, including material and labor, the average price per square is $150. Hence, the cost of small kitchen remodeling can be between $9,500 and $35,000. The median cost to remodel a small kitchen is $15,000, according to one of the kitchen store owners. 

Similarly, the kitchens which vary from 60 to 120 square feet in size, cost to remodel from $9,500 to $14,250. For more minor changes, the minimum cost ranges from $3000 to $5000. 

Possible remodel with their cost

Generally, remodeling the kitchen includes various aspects of changing the kitchen. Whether you want to remodel your kitchen by adding a new floor and paint or installing high-tech cabinetry, all will fall in kitchen remodeling. According to the type of remodeling, these are divided into different categories, which are significant, small, and upscale. 

Minor remodel cost

If the kitchen remodeling is done only to change the kitchen’s appearance without altering its structure then it falls in the category of Minor remodel. This type of project involved minor modifications such as repainting the walls and cabinets, cabinets and a little updating of appliances. The overall cost of a minor remodel falls between $7000 and $24000. The cost of such a project varies and is dependent onthe material you purchase. 

Major Remodel cost

A major remodel includes extensive changes to the existing kitchen. Unlike minor remodeling, these projects involve structural changes in layout, sanitation systems, and buying new appliances. Even the cabinetry installment falls in this category. The expensive renovations are done in this category. Therefore, the cost of such a project starts from $17000 and goes up to $69000.

Different factors involved in changing the remodel cost

While remodeling small kitchen costs can differ according to the various factors involved in the process, other than kitchen size and area. The overall price depends on each product you buy. You can read the costs here and make an estimated list of the expenses for your project. Major factors involved:

  1. Material
  2. Layout
  3. labor


While renovating your kitchen, remember what product you want to buy and its overall worth. Most of the cost of kitchen remodeling goes for the materials you buy for the kitchen. You can increase or decrease your cost according to the product choice. Different products are involved in this project, such as cabinets, countertops, appliances, backsplash, and lightning. These materials take almost 80% of your total cost. Before planning the remodeling, go through the given kitchen remodel cost breakdown chart.

Installation and labor18%


Another factor involves in the planning of kitchen remodeling is labor cost. This cost can vary according to the location where you are living. But the Labor cost mostly depends on the type of work and specialty. Hiring a contractor can be beneficial as they provide different services by themselves, such as wall hanging, flooring, and installing countertops. On the other hand, you must hire a professional to perform critical tasks, which means you must pay a high cost. However, according to one of the remodeling business owners, the average labor cost is 18% of the total price. 

Kitchen Layout

The other factor is designing the kitchen layout. The cost for this purpose could differ and depend on the kitchen designer you hire. Some people don’t need to hire because they want the kitchen of their own sketched design. At the same time, others who have no idea about planning the layout hire kitchen designers. The designers take a fee per hour, which could be $20 to $250.

In addition, other factors are also involved that take fewer percentages of the total costs. These are the home value and shape of the kitchen. According to the size of the kitchen area, a kitchen renovation is done in this way that it gives a proper form to the kitchen. The kitchen is a galley (two rows kitchen), U-shaped and L-shaped.

Tips to save the cost of small remodel kitchen

If you have a small budget or don’t want to pay a lot for each thing during the kitchen renovation, then there are some tips for cutting down the costs.

  1. Reinstalling the new cabinetry is the most expensive part of remodeling. Whenever you need new cabinets, try to buy from standard suppliers. They provide you with a fully custom cabinet model at flexible rates. 
  2. Instead of removing and installing the entire kitchen parts, try to renovate the necessary amount. 
  3. The tasks that do not need any specialty. You can perform them by following the DIY tutorials. Avoid hiring professionals and paying their fees.
  4. Make a long-term plan while buying the appliances. Check its durability, specifications, and design. Choose wisely, so you don’t need to change them again.


How much to demo and remodel a small galley kitchen?

The small galley kitchen remodeling will also depend on different factors such as appliances, countertop material, lighting, etc. However, as a whole, it will cost $17,000 and $21,000.

How can you make a small kitchen look bigger? 

A small kitchen can be improved in a variety of ways. The first thing to remember is never to select darker paints for your small kitchen. Dark shades give a congested appearance to the kitchen. Try to choose a lighter color of paint, predominantly white. The white color provides the kitchen with a wide spacious appearance. Second, install lightning under the cabinet and hood. That will also give a brighter look. 

Final thoughts

In conclusion, there is no standard amount of remodeling the small kitchen. It depends on the size, location, and selected material for an installation. You can make variations in the cost by choosing different reliable and affordable materials. By reviewing the facts and advice in the aforementioned text, you can make estimation.

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