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How To Build A Pony Wall For Kitchen Island?

First of all, let’s discuss what pony wall is? This is a wall for the kitchen made to support extra things like an island. If we look at the structure of the pony wall, it is not for every place. Because if you make it everywhere without a purpose in your home, it will reduce your home’s beauty and waste your time.

How To Build a Pony Wall For Kitchen Island

Let’s discuss this article, in which we will thoroughly guide you on how you can build a pony wall for your kitchen. We will go through simple steps and points to help you understand better.

Advantages of pony Wall

  • More space to keep items in your kitchen.
  • The perfect design of the pony wall increases the beauty of the kitchen.
  • With the pony wall, things in the kitchen are more organized.
  • It just takes a few minutes to make a pony wall.
  • With increasing beauty, it increases the functionality of your kitchen.

5 Steps To Build A Pony Wall For Kitchen Island

Needed items

You can complete this project in a short time in your kitchen. For this, you need some basic supplies in your kitchen, including woods, Lambers (3×4,2×2), nails, a saw, clamps, a measuring tape, and paint.

Depending upon your choice, you can choose woods and paint color according to your requirements. Our recommendation for wood should be strong enough to meet your needs. Don’t forget to wear safety equipment, including a safety jacket and cap.


After having the required material, the next one is your design for the pony wall. Proper strategy and planning play a vital role in any activity or project. Because when you have a design and plan, you will work according to that road map and not waste time on useless things during your project.

When your design is ready, start cutting wood in the required size and shape. For a proper size of wood, you can simply use a measuring tape. After you have done cutting, now start making it smooth with tools.

Position of Wall

In this step, determine the position of the wall, and where you want to make it. Keep in mind that this wall’s position in the kitchen is very important. If you choose the wrong position of the wall, it will disturb your workflow.

If you are looking for our recommendation, we suggest you keep a distance from the island at least 42 inches, so you can easily walk around your kitchen without any hurdles or blockage.

Final Step

After having designed and positioned your wall, now is the time to prepare your lumber. Cut your lumber according to your required size, which you have measured. After cutting in the right size and height of lumber, now, with the help of a nail, install it in your desired position in your kitchen. When you have done installing, check if there is a need to make it smooth. If yes, then with the help of tools, make it smooth.

Now, what’s left behind? Yeah, you are right; that is the color of your pony wall. Before doing paint your pony wall, you need to make it clear and clean. When you have done cleaning, it’s time to do painting with the help of a paintbrush. It’s easier to do painting, and you will enjoy this process. After that, if you have polish for shining, then put it with the help of a brush to polish your wall. It will use only to increase the shine of the paint.

Extra Tips

If you think all of this process is complicated for you and you can’t perform this well, our recommendation is to hire a professional for this work. If you are going to build a pony wall and during the process, you can’t complete it in the right way, then there is a chance of damage to this wall. Probably this will lose your money and time as well as will make your kitchen bad design too.

Last Words

By summarizing our article, we want to say that pony walls play a critical role in the kitchen. But if you make it in the right way. To Build a pony wall, you need basic material, including strong wood. By Following a few steps, you can make it at home yourself, but if it is complicated for you, we suggest hiring a professional for this work. After building a pony wall, you will see it makes your kitchen more beautiful and organized way. Hope this article was beneficial for you, and we could clear your points related to a pony wall.

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