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How To Fix Chipped Quartz Countertops? Follow 5 Quick Steps

While constructing the home, for countertops, either in the kitchen or bathroom, quartz is considered the most reliable and popular material. Without any doubt, it is the most durable matter. It has equal firmness and attractiveness as granite. It is originally manufactured by combining stones and resins that maintain its elegance and give it a high sturdiness. This unique composition prevents the quartz countertops from cracking, scratching, and chipping.

But in this world, nothing is perfect that cannot be damaged. Despite its great solidness and durability, sometimes quartz countertops get damaged. It could be a highly sad moment for the homeowners when they unwillingly got chipped their priceless quartz countertops. In such kind of tense situation, what should you do? Will you go to repair your chipped quartz countertops or completely replace it?

The first and most important thing is not to get upset and make costly decisions for minor chips in your countertops. Secondly, do not suddenly go for any DIY techniques, as every countertop comes with a minimum of one year warranty; check that first and call the professionals to fix your countertop.

This article will discuss the reasons behind the quartz countertop chipping and the steps to fix the small chip on your quartz countertop.

Different reasons for chipped quartz countertops

  1. Placing heavy items on quartz countertops is one of the most frequent causes of chipped countertops. When you try to set such items which weigh more than a quartz countertop capacity, it results in damage.
  2. Some people make mistakes by using countertops as a cutting board. Although quartz is durable and strong, it cannot be used as a cutting board because blades and knives can easily scratch its surface.
  3. A third reason could be its default installation. If your countertop does not fit properly from the beginning, these start showing chips and cracks over time. So be careful while installing a brand new quartz countertop in your kitchen.
  4. Dropping any item that can cause cracks and scratches on the quartz countertops could be another reason. Sometimes it could be possible that the resin that covers your countertop surface has been degraded over time, and the quartz may chip.
  5. Setting any hot objects on a quartz worktop can be another reason. Despite temperature-resistant material, sometimes high temperature causes the binding glue and protective layer to deteriorate. That will eventually cause great damage. So always try to put a heat-resistant pot holder before placing pans directly on it.

5 Steps to fix small chipped quartz countertops

As we have discussed above, the reasons behind the quartz countertop damage. If there is a minor chip on your quartz countertop, you can easily repair it at home. All you need to do is get the quartz filler kit or gather the following things:

  • Ammonia-based cleaner
  • Masking tape
  • Super glue for white or any light-colored quartz countertops
  • Pigmented epoxy adhesive for dark-colored countertops
  • Sandpaper

After getting all these materials, follow the steps given below:

Step 1:

Start the procedure by cleaning the entire countertop surface using an ammonia-based cleaner. It will remove the dust and any other debris from the surface. The ammonia-based cleaner is best for this purpose because this is non-abrasive and does not damage or scratch the countertop surface. Spray this on that specific region, and then use a soft, wet towel to smear it off. Then, before proceeding further, let the surface dry.

Step 2:

The second step is the usage of masking tape. Put this tape around the area of a chip or a crack. Placing the tape on the surrounding portion gives easiness in applying the glue. More importantly, you would not later have to deal with the stains. Once you’re done, wiping up the area will not take much time at all.

Step 3:

If your countertop is light colored, then use super glue. After applying this light-colored adhesive, it will not be shown up on that particular surface. But one you should remember before selecting the super glue. Because for the top surface, there comes the superglue with a thin consistency that can rarely be detectable. For the crack at the edge, use the superglue with a thick consistency. Use a brush or a spatula to apply it in thin coats on the chip according to its need. Keep applying until you achieve the same chip height as the countertop surface. When you finish applying the glue, leave it dry and cure overnight.

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Step 4:

If you have dark colored countertop, you can use the pigmented epoxy adhesive. Mix dye according to your countertop color with the epoxy adhesive for better results. Apply similarly to the super glue. Apply a spatula until it covers the cracked area, then leave it to dry for twenty-four hours.

Step 5

The final step is using sandpaper. After leaving overnight, the adhesive will be dried and become hard. File this hard glue with the sandpaper. For achieving the best results, always select higher-grit sandpaper with a range of 360 to 600. The dried glue on the countertop surface will be smoothed and fine. You can also use a razor blade instead of sandpaper. Move sideways on the surface while gliding lightly.

Note: You can also use caulk for patching the countertop surface. Simply follow the instructions listed above. But in step 3, use either a silicon caulk or an acrylic caulk instead of glue. Fill the caulk evenly and clear the additional material. For smoothing this, always use a hard material, e.g., plastic. Keep continuing to repeat the procedure until you achieve the desired goal. Finally, remove the tape.


How can you polish the damaged quartz countertop?

You can get your shine back by applying any ready-made quartz polisher. Also, you can make your polish at home by mixing one part of vinegar into the three parts of water. Pour it into any spray bottle. Spray on the damaged area and clean it with a soft cloth. Finally, you will get your shine back.

How can you fix a big chip on a quartz countertop?

Unluckily, if the damage is more intensive than a small chip, the best option is to call a professional. That will provide safe and best results because granite and quartz can last longer if you give them proper maintenance.

Final thoughts

In daily routine, it is natural to get things damaged in the kitchen accidentally. If, for some reason, you get a small chipped quartz countertop, then you can apply a DIY method. Fixing it yourself is not a big issue. Some chips are minor that generally do not need any technical skills and can be easily fixed by following the method mentioned above. It is not only a cost-effective method but also a time saver. However, if your countertop is severely damaged and can’t be easily handled, we recommend replacing the damaged one with the new one.

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