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How to Pack Up Kitchen for Remodel?

You are unhappy with the look of your kitchen, burn marks and chipped countertops are making it more ugly.

With that condition, anyone won’t be happy sitting around the table and enjoying the snacks. So, you are thinking of remodeling a kitchen, and the contractor said we are ready for the job.

how to pack up for kitchen remodel

The first thing that pops up in your mind is packing the kitchen because nobody wants to break their dishware during the renovation process. That’s why we have made this easy guide so that you can pack everything in the right way.

Packing Up For Kitchen Remodel – 10 Steps Quick Guide

Here are the easy steps to follow for packing everything in the kitchen without breaking or getting cracks.

Helping material for pack up

● Moving Paper

● Bubble Wrap

● Markers

● Tape

● Sticky Paper

1. Make a checklist

List down all the items available in your kitchen and their location where they are placed in the kitchen. It includes a microwave oven, dishware, knives, blender, toaster, bowls, cooking pans, and everything. This will help you when the remodeling is done, and it’s time to put everything back in its place. Anything won’t disappear during this process because you have noted the whole kitchen item names on paper.

checklist before kitchen pack up

2. Start with removing paintings

You should start by removing paintings and decorations from the wall because they quickly get dirty when there is construction work happening. If the painting size is big, use paper and tape to fully cover it and save all of them in a spare place or garage. For covering the decoration items, you can use small carton boxes. Don’t forget to tape them!

remove kitchen paintings before remodel

3. Empty the cabinets and countertops

Now, it’s time to put out everything in the kitchen cabinets. Usually, every cabinet has utensils, spoons, cooking oil, and spices inside it. Take a big carton box and place the utensils in an organized way. Similarly, you can save the remaining items in that boxes and tape them to prevent dust.

You can use separate small boxes for keeping oils and spices.

You can label every box to remember what things are available in which box. Take a sticky piece of paper, name it “Spices box”, and put it on the box with the help of glue. Isn’t a good idea?

labeling boxes for pack up before kitchen remodeling

Also, clear everything on the countertops and pack them in the same way we have done earlier.

4. Be careful with fragile items

Always be careful while packing fragile items in the kitchen, like stoneware or ceramic plates. They are easy to break and can get cracked with a little hit. Take extra care while removing them; for storing these plates in the box, you can use disposable plates. Place these plates between every ceramic plate; it will prevent any breakage when you shift all the items to another place.

5. Remove eatables

Empty all the vegetables and food from your kitchen; the best way to save your food for the upcoming days is to move your fridge to a nearby place and keep all the food inside. Because remodeling lasts many days, and if you place the food outside, it will not be eatable.

Other than that, there is no issue in keeping the cookies outside. You should gather some more cookies because remodeling will take some weeks.

remove eatable from kitchen before remodeling

6. Pack up appliances

The electrical appliances like the fridge, oven, toaster, and dishwasher should be properly covered.

Take a bubble or simple plastic wrap to cover these appliances one by one. It will save them from dirt and construction debris as well.

7. Save the utensils

Utensils are easy to store because there are no chances of getting cracks on them. But to save them from dust, we should pack the utensils. You can use bubble wrap to cover and place them in a box. Don’t forget to mark the box according to the items stored in it. Because whenever you need a spoon, fork, or anything, you identify the box and get your item.

store utensils for kitchen remodeling

8. Don’t forget to store kitchen cleaning items

Every kitchen has some cleaning items like dishwashing soap, cleaners, & sponge in it. During the remodeling days, soap or sponge will be required to clean daily meal plates if you aren’t leaving home. So, please put them in a separate box and use whenever you need them.

store kitchen cleaning items before pack up for remodel

9. Run final inspection

Inspect the whole kitchen once; if anything is left, put it into a spare storage carton. You have packed everything; now it’s time to move all the items from the kitchen. Choose a place near your kitchen, and move every box carefully. Especially the boxes that contain stoneware, shift them carefully.

10. Say yes to the remodelers

Finally, you have packed and moved everything from the kitchen. Call your contractor and tell them everything is ready, and you can start the work.

Soon, you will get the modern look of your kitchen.

Last Words

Kitchen remodeling can’t be done in just 2 or 3 days; it is a lengthy process and takes more time. Your kitchen size also depends on what type of remodeling you want to be done. Full redesign or a specific section like countertops takes different time and budget. The average time of renovating an average size kitchen is 10-12 weeks. In the case of only countertops, it takes 4-5 weeks to get the final look.

So, go for a vacation or make a temporary kitchen to get your daily meals.

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