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How To Remove Kitchen Cabinet Shelf Clips?

Are you afraid of removing kitchen cabinet shelf clips on your own? Do you have concerns about choosing the proper path?

Just stop surfing the internet and go through the article written below!

How To Remove Kitchen Cabinet Shelf Clips

Cabinet shelf clips are the dynamic features for placing the shelves into the cabinets. These clips are made of plastic and easily adjustable into the cabinet’s hole. These inexpensive shelf clips give support for placing the shelves effortlessly. There are varieties of these shelf clips. Some need to be unhooked from the joining place with the wall, while others have a push-in and pull-out system.

However, the cabinet’s shelf clips work for a more extended period unless they aren’t any issues. Sometimes you need to remove them to replace them with the new one, or the shelf pegs has broken. Removing the whole shelf clip is more manageable than removing the broken one. Removal of the fractured clip is quite tricky and needs some extra effort.

 3 Methods to remove kitchen cabinet shelf clips

The locking cabinet’s shelf clips are more supportive than the standard non-locking clips. However, non-locking shelf pegs perform an excellent function but have some negative points, such as being unable to settle the shelves. Additionally, it is difficult to pick the items from lower shelves as the upper shelf will move from its place.

In contrast to these, locking shelf pegs are more supportive and durable. It prevents the unwanted movements of shelves. Removing these clips is simple and a little bit tricky. However, it’s not that much tough to perform by yourself.

Material Required

  • Cordless drill
  • Screws
  • Pry bar or claw hammer
  • Cardboard
  • Pliers

There are three ways of removing kitchen cabinet shelf clips according to their situation.

Method 1: Remove Shelf Clips without detaching the door

Empty the shelves

Before starting the process, empty the kitchen cabinet shelves. Remove all the boxes and jars that are placed there. Clean the space from dust to prevent you from creating any mess.

Apply pressure to push the first clip

After cleaning the area, place one hand on the hinged lock and firmly push it back. Start applying moderate pressure at the bottom of the shelf with one hand. Try to raise the frame just enough to free it from the clip.

Hold the shelf there, and don’t let it go.

Push the next clip

Keep applying the pressure. Press the second hinged lock of the second clip—free one side of the shelf by pushing upward. When one side is free from the clip locks, it is free to lift the shelf from its place.

Remove the shelf clips

Gently rotate the clips backward and forward until they lose their grip on the wall. Then pull out the shelf clip.

Method 2: Remove Shelf Clips by detaching the door

It is another way of removing the cabinet’s shelf clips in other situations. If your wardrobe has concealed hinges, it is not difficult to detach the door from its place. You don’t need to alter the pre-set adjustment of the doors.

The steps in the procedure are:

Unlock the hinge

With one hand, Open the cabinet door and secure it in one place. With the help of second hand, try to push the metal rod present on the back of the hinge. While pushing, apply downward pressure. Similarly, unlock the second hinge. Now hinges are free to detach from their plates. Let the hinges plate attach at their position and remove the door.

Remove the second door also by repeating the same process

Pull out the shelves

Gently slide the shelf outwards using both hands. Carefully maintain its level straight while pulling it out.

Remove the Shelf Clips

At last, remove the cabinet shelf clips. To remove the clips from their place on the cabinet wall, carefully rotate the shelf clips.

Method 3: Remove the broken Shelf Clips

Removing the complete shelf clips is not a challenging procedure but removing the broken shelf clips requires extra care. Removal of broken shelf clips is a tricky process.

Drill Into the clip

To remove the broken clips, first, try to remove them with the help of needle pliers. You will need to use the drill if the process doesn’t work. Attach the 1/6-inch drill bit to the drill. Drill into the clip up to 1/4 inch.

Insert a screw into the clip

Start with setting the Philip driver into the drill. Then try to insert the screws into the peg.

Remove the shelf clip

Pull out the clip by forcing it with your hand. If the clip does not pull out, use the pry bar or claw hammer. First, place the cardboard between the cabinet box and the hammer claw. Then hook the hammer’s claw onto the screw. Pull back the claw attached to the screw by pulling the hammer’s handle. The screw will come out and remove the shelf clip.

Final thoughts

Removing the kitchen cabinet shelf clips is not a complicated method. All you just need to know about the condition of your clips: first, try to figure out your shelf clip’s state and whether they are broken or not. Then follow the methods mentioned above according to your situation.

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