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How to Set Up a Temporary Kitchen During Remodel? Follow the Guide

It is always exciting when you are going to renovate your kitchen. You are dreaming of a beautiful kitchen with top-class premium countertops. At the same time, you become worried about how you can survive during a kitchen remodel and what is the best way to set up a temporary kitchen. As you know, remodeling is a bit long process whether your kitchen is big or small; it will take some extra days to give a final look. To avoid chaos, you should preplan everything from packing up kitchen items to deciding on a meal.

How to setup a temporary kitchen during remodel

There must be a question pops up in your mind that isn’t the better option to rent a room in a hotel. You can do so, but it can break your bank. So, the affordable and easy-to-access option is setting up a temporary kitchen in your home. We will share the easy steps and tips to help you survive the kitchen remodel. Read the guide here!

11 Steps to Survive With Kitchen

Following steps will help set up a kitchen effectively; you don’t need to worry about your daily meals, even if the remodeling lasts for months.

Step 1: Shortlist items for temporary kitchen

Make a list of items that you want in the temporary kitchen. This can help you to manage the space in your home. If you have a big spare room, you can include more items; if you have less space, decide things accordingly. According to us, you must have these things on your list:

  • Oven
  • Dishware
  • Dining Table
  • Coffee Maker
  • Toaster
  • Eatables (Include Vegetables, Fruits, Snacks, Spices .etc)
  • Refrigerator
  • Blender
  • Portable shelf
  • Plastic containers

Step 2: Pack up eveything

After selecting the required items for your temporary kitchen, it’s time to pack everything in the kitchen. Because the workers continue to move their construction tools in the kitchen, you never want to break your favorite dishware. You can use hard cardboard cartons to store your grocery, dinner sets, glasses, mugs, knives, & all the things available in the kitchen.

You can mark the boxes with the names of items stored inside; it will help you quickly find them when needed. When you finish packing, now move all the stuff into your garage.

Step 3: Decide your meals

Daily meals are essential for a healthy life; they keep your body strong and energetic. As kitchen remodeling is lengthy, it doesn’t mean you have to skip your meals. You can ask your contractor what will be the exact time when the renovation finishes. After getting the time frame, now take a notebook and make a plan of your meals. List down your favorite food and dishes according to a day. You can repeat the same meal plan for the next week. You may get the idea of what eatables are available in the home and what things you should buy from the store.

Go to the store and purchase all your meal plan listed items. Keep your meals simple during the renovation; take some cookies or chips and have fun.

Step 4: Choose a place

Before shifting everything, you have to choose a specific place in the house. It should be enough to hold all of your temporary kitchen items. You can easily access it anytime if it is close to the kitchen or bedroom. Using a home garage will also be the best option; it can help you quickly set up your sink, countertops, cabinets, shelves, & others in that vast space.

Step 5: Make a temporary kitchen backsplash

The kitchen backsplash helps to protect walls from severe damage caused by water, oil, and heat marks. When water or any liquid continuously keeps flowing on the wall surface, it destroys the beauty and structure of the wall. So, to prevent this, you can install a backsplash in the kitchen. Here we are going to set up a kitchen in the garage and using a temporary backsplash will be a great idea. You can purchase a removable backsplash online and install it on the main walls of your garage, where you will build the kitchen. When the remodeling is done, you can easily remove the backsplash and save your wall from damage.

Step 6: Build temporary kitchen cabinets

So, you have selected the place to make the temporary kitchen and installed a backsplash. You should first set up cabinets; you can use your own kitchen cabinets or rent them. Cabinets will help to manage your utensils, plates, glass, cooking pan, and other things. Depending upon the stuff you want to keep in the kitchen, 3-4 cabinets would be enough to store all the stuff.

Step 7: Install countertops

Countertops add uniqueness and beauty to your kitchen; they help in protecting from scratches, heat marks, dampness, & tough stains. You should install temporary countertops in your kitchen where you can put a microwave, toaster, coffee maker, and other things. If you have a long table in your house, you can use it as a countertop.

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Step 8: Install a Kitchen Stove

You will need a temporary stove in the kitchen to cook food daily. If you have a spare stove, put it on the countertop. You also have to arrange gas and pipe to connect with the stove. The better option is to buy a hot plate from an online store that needs an electric connection. You can cook spaghetti, vegetables, meat, and other food easily. Due to its portability, you can move it anywhere, and after remodeling, pack it up & save it in the storeroom for future use.

Step 9: Setup a temporary sink

When you finish having dinner or breakfast, the oily plates and pan need to be washed. As washing kitchenware is regular work, so we need a temporary sink. You can also build the sink yourself, but it will be a tedious process and costs more. Simply rent a portable sink from any store and fix it in your kitchen.

The other thing you can do is, take a big plastic container and put water in it. Now, put all your dishes and utensils in the container and use dishwashing soap for cleaning. Take a dry cloth, wipe out all the water dishes, and put them back in the cabinets. This method will help you to save your costs and reduce water usage.

Step 10: Make shelves

Making temporary shelves in your kitchen is another excellent way to survive remodeling. You are a book lover and read books daily while having a coffee. That will be a great idea if you install shelves on the temporary kitchen walls. You can put your favorite books on them and take the book and start reading when there is coffee time. Instead of cabinets, you can also utilize shelves to save your food and utensils in different compartments.

Step 11: Set a seat

During coffee, people love to conversate with each other on different topics. When there is a temporary kitchen, you have to arrange some seats. In the temporary kitchen, you can use small benches or chairs if you do not have enough space to put the dining table. They cover less space, and you can enjoy the group coffee with your family & friends.

Wrapping Up

By following our given tips, you can easily survive your remodeling. Before setting up the kitchen, you can hold a meeting with your family and tell them the whole plan. Guide them about not leaving the plates anywhere after the meal, and show them the right place (sink) to put the plates. Tell kids where they can get cookies and snacks, then put the wrappers in the dustbin. This way, you can survive the kitchen remodeling safely and happily.


Why do I need a temporary kitchen?

Nothing can beat the food cooked by mom; it is healthy and saves you from health risks. As remodeling takes weeks and weeks to complete, people get bored with eating fast food from restaurants. Here everyone wishes to eat food cooked at home that requires a kitchen. But, your kitchen is under construction, so you have to arrange a temporary kitchen to cook the food.

Can your marriage survive a kitchen remodel?

Yes, there will be no effect on your relationship while remodeling. But, always preplan everything from shifting the house and financial budget to taking care of kids. It will save you from future stress, extra costs, and mismanagement. Help each other during the renovation process and take it as fun. Provide a helping hand to your husband or wife in managing the household and preparing the meal. This time will quickly pass, and at the end of the day, you will be able to see your dream kitchen design.

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