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How to Survive Without a Kitchen During Renovation?

Surviving without a kitchen during remodeling is a big challenge for everyone. You may be afraid of thinking about how we can live in renovation days without a kitchen. Whether your family is large or small, you can’t depend on a restaurant if the makeover lasts for weeks. Having dinner at the restaurant daily may lead to blowing your budget. Moreover, you will get exhausted by eating daily from the hotels and start missing your kitchen.

How to Survive Without a Kitchen During Renovation

Here, we will share different tips and ideas on how to survive without a kitchen during renovation.

Find a spare space in your home

You first have to find an empty area across your home and allocate it for the kitchen until the construction work finishes. Simply, you have to set up a temporary kitchen in that area that contains only the required things. No excessive stuff like a masher, dishwasher, & lemon squeezer. Just finalize the necessary things that can easily prepare your simple meals.

spare space in the home

Prepare frozen meals before clearing out

Before removing the items from the kitchen, we recommend cooking the future meals at once and freezing them. You can use plastic bags to store the food. It helps in saving your time; whenever you feel hungry, just open the packet, heat it, and have a quick happy meal.

frozen meals

Start shifting the stuff

Finally, you have selected a place to set up the short-term kitchen; now it’s time to move things. The first thing you need to install is the countertop because it can help save many items like microwave oven, coffee machines, fruits, vegetables, spices, mugs, oils, trays, and others. If moving the countertop to a new place isn’t possible, you can use a long hardwood board with support on all four sides. Remember not to place heavy things on the board if it is of softwood; they may break and crack your dishware or appliance.

When this process is done, start placing the maximum possible items on the countertop. It will help save space and allow you to move freely in the kitchen.

start shifting the stuff

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Go for alternatives


Switching to alternatives is the best option to survive the remodeling process. It would be best if you go for an electric hot plate instead of a big stove that needs a gas pipe connection. If you want to install a stove, it may become hectic work and cost you more. Because for this purpose you have to install new piping and fittings. So, putting a hot plate is the better option, and it needs an electric connection that is accessible in every part of the home.

If buying a new hot plate isn’t in your budget, you prefer a stove more. You can buy a small cooktop with a gas cylinder that is used for outdoor purposes.


For cleaning the dishes, you don’t have to place the dishwasher onto the countertop because it will cover more space. Try to go for an alternative; you can use a plastic container to wash the dishes. It is a simple and cheap way to keep your plates clean.

If you are a big family and you’ve got a lot of dirty dishes to clean after dinner, you may face trouble while washing these plates. Especially who prefer to use an automatic dishwasher. So, here the best option is to rent a portable sink. The sink is wide enough that it helps you to wash all the dishes at once.


As the refrigerator has no alternatives, you have to arrange a specific area to keep it. You can place it close to the temporary kitchen for easy access. If you don’t want to move the fridge anywhere and have an extra budget, you must buy a mini fridge that can easily fit in your short-term kitchen. From vegetables to fruits and food, you can store everything in it.

Oven & Toaster

You can use an oven or toaster to prepare your meals, but the hot plate will be the better option to save more space. We also recommended the use of a hot plate rather than a stove. Instead of placing three appliances, stove, oven, and toaster on the countertop, you can do all the cooking jobs with the help of a single hot plate.

Keep your meal simple

No, doubt everyone has cravings for eating delicious food, fast food, and desserts. But, if you have a limited budget for the remodeling, then wait for the time until the renovation work finishes. After that, you can eat anything that you want. So, always try to make your meal simple and healthy; it will help to

keep meal simple

Take extra care of fragile items

Fragile items can be easily breakable even with a bit of thrust. So, before the renovation, you have to store them safely. You can use hard cardboard boxes to save all the fragile items, including dishware and glass sets. Please don’t use them during lunch until the construction work is complete; you can use disposable plates. 

take extra care of fragile items

Go for a picnic every weekend

On those hectic days when your kitchen is under construction, you may get bored with the daily routine. Preparing breakfast, going to the office for a job, & preparing your kids for school keeps you busy daily. There should be something exciting and thrilling on the weekend. You can go for a picnic outside to enjoy your holiday. Don’t forget to bring some snacks or cookies with you.

go for picnic every weekend

Clean away the dirt

When the renovation is in progress, you will notice too much dust in the surrounding area. Your first job should be cleaning the dirty area by waking up every day. Use a vacuum cleaner to put away all the dirt from the floor and duster remove dirt from walls. This will be your daily task that helps in keeping the home clean.

To avoid dust entering other rooms, you can properly seal the kitchen area with a plastic sheet. If a ventilation system is installed in your kitchen, close all the vents to stop entering tons of dust into the ducts.

clean away the dirt

Keep away kids & pets

Several construction materials, power tools, & wirings are available in the kitchen during the remodeling. Don’t allow your kids or pets to enter that room because of electric tools and other unsafe stuff. Keep the kitchen doors closed so the kids can’t open them and go inside.

Keep away kids & pets

Wrapping Up

It’s highly recommended to plan everything to prevent any budget crisis in the future. So, always make a solid plan before the kitchen remodeling, and you can also consult your contractor because they have great experience in tackling these types of situations. Create a daily routine plan, tell your kids not to make a mess, and through the waste into the dustbin. Feed your pets on time and train them not to go into the renovation area. Always prefer easy to prepare meal and take it on time to stay healthy and strong.

If you love these ideas, you must share them with your friends and family who are going to renovate their kitchen. Thanks!


Can you live in your house during a kitchen remodel?

It is possible to live in the house during a kitchen renovation. But you have to make a proper plan of everything, including a budget, shifting, and storing the kitchen material. The main challenge that everyone faces is how we can survive without a kitchen; we have answered it in detail above.

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