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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas In Boca Raton That You’ll Love

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas in Boca Raton

Kitchen is the place where families sit together and enjoy their daily meals. Often having lunch, you may discuss the latest kitchen remodeling trends with your husband or wife and plan to upgrade. So, we have gathered some ideas that people, especially from Boca Raton or any other place, can use to renovate the kitchen.

1. Try grey kitchen island with granite counter

Grey colored kitchen island will add more value and beauty to your old kitchen. Adding a granite counter on the top surface maximizes durability and prevents scratches, dampness, and burn marks. Islands are one of the most popular kitchen parts these days that help store dishware, pans, & other utensils. Whether your kitchen size is big or small, you must have this island to give it a premium look. Not to worry about the size; professional remodelers will design considering the size of your kitchen.

grey kitchen island with granite counter

2. Upgrade old cabinets

To make your kitchen more valuable, you should redesign the aged kitchen cabinets. As cabinets are on the top and the most visible part of the kitchen, it reduces the kitchen’s real charismatic look when they get dated. We know you are unhappy with the chipped paint of the cabinets and thinking of refacing them. You can try the full white colored cabinets that give an aesthetic feel and increase the worth of the kitchen.

Our expert has already done some appealing remodeling jobs, including cabinet refacing, which you can see here before and after work.

Upgrade old cabinets

3. Add gold handles

Whether the handles are of cabinets or drawers, they are the most ignored parts in the kitchen. Even after the remodeling, you won’t get the premium feel if the handles are not designed and installed in the right way. If you are a shiny look lover, consider adding gold handles into the cabinets, drawer, or any section where required. You can tell your choice to the remodeler about what type of handles you want to install. It also depends on what redesign you have chosen while contracting with the remodeler, but you can go for gold handles because whenever you turn on the kitchen lights, the handles will get glittered and give a luxurious look.

Add gold handles

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4. Consider changing the appliances

It’s time to replace your kitchen appliances. You may have an old oven, juicer, instant pot, and toaster that is breaking your bank every month due to repairs. So, the best option is to add new kitchen appliances to save your daily costs spent on repairs.

But, you should consult a real estate guy about; is the value of home increases if I put a new appliance in the kitchen. Because in some cases, people have freshly invested in buying kitchen items and decide to sell their property. They may face loss, so asking a property dealer about the home’s worth before any investment is recommended.

consider changing the kitchen appliances

5. Illuminate the kitchen with ambient lighting

Without the proper selection of lighting, your kitchen will fail to provide the classy look that it has. Some kitchen designs need dim lighting, and some need radiant lighting touch; it all depends on your selected kitchen design. A great combination of light colors will make your kitchen more elegant and premium. Choosing LED lights for your kitchen will be cost-effective because it uses less electricity. Due to multiple color lighting options, the LED light will be more beneficial than ordinary bulbs.

On the other hand, Incandescent light bulbs use more energy, but they are the best option for getting a classy look in your kitchen. The image below shows you the project that we have recently done.

Illuminate the kitchen with ambient lighting

Last Words

Remodeling is necessary to keep the kitchen updated according to the latest trends and prevent damage. People get different types of renovations; some prefer full kitchen design, and others want their countertops and cabinets to be remodeled. We have shared a short list of ideas you can implement in your kitchen. Also, get free consultations from our remodeling experts; get started here.

If you love these ideas, don’t forget to share with your family and friends.


Does remodeling increase home value?

No one can guarantee that your home’s worth will increase after remodeling. Here we have to check the home’s condition, especially the kitchen; then, we calculate the total property and remodeling cost. After getting the final cost, we will check how much the homeowner has invested till the time and how much the buyer is paying.

Sometimes, people do minor kitchen redesign and sell the home and get a good return on investment. But, when you have made a huge investment in the complete kitchen renovation, you will not get good returns and can face loss. It’s not always the same case; some properties get their worth doubled after having remodeling work. The better option is to seek the advice of a property agent.

When should you renovate the kitchen?

Whenever you feel that your kitchen design is getting outdated, you have seen beautifully designed countertops and luxury cabinets, you can go for the remodeling work. But, according to our experts, you should do the renovation every 10-15 years.

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