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How To Organize Your Kitchen After Renovation?

When you buy a new home and renovate your old house you need to set up everything again.This task can be difficult for some people as it makes them tired and for some people, it’s just a routine of life. Those who consider this a difficult task often start thinking about where to start or what to keep first in the kitchen after renovation.

how to organize your kitchen after renovation

Here in this article, we will go through the complete organizing of a kitchen, whether you buy a new house or you have done renovate to your house including your kitchen.

We will recommend you to make a list of your kitchen appliances which you mostly use and which ones you need sometimes. Making this list will decrease your lot of time to organize and you will be able to make proper planning with it.

8 Ways To Organize Your Kitchen After Remodel

1: Electric items

In the kitchen keep your electric appliances like the oven, toaster, etc. near to your electric outlet where you can turn on them easily. Keep their location like that they are far from your kitchen water resources. Because if they get moisture or get drops of water then your electric appliance will short-circuit and will be dangerous.

2: On Shelves

Shelves are the area where you can keep the most used things in your kitchen. What do you think you use most in your kitchen? Yeah, you thinking right that are the plates, glasses, and cups in your kitchen. For your easiness, you can keep it on the shelves. Whereas, glasses you can keep in the cupboard too which is in your eye level always and you can pick and keep them easily there.

Other than these things which are not mostly used and want to keep near you can place them on the top of the shelves.

3: Toxic items

In Your kitchen, not all time you stay, of course, your kids visit there to take food. In this case, if you have toxic things in your kitchen which can be harmful to kids keep them far away from them. The best location in our suggestions is your cupboards where they do not have access or are out of reach from them.

4: Heavy items

You may worry about heavy items falling and they will break, don’t worry you can keep them on the shelves, which is the best place for them. And as you know shelves are near to the ground floor so, the chances of the heavier product to falling will be eliminated.

5: Rarely used items

There are a lot of items in our kitchen that we rarely used like China dishes, items for a party, or special events. If we keep it near to us then it will create disturbance during our routine work. So, these items should be placed in that location where they do not disturb our workflow in the kitchen and whenever we need them can have access to them too.

In our recommendation, the best place for those items is in your cabinets. After you keep them in cabinets you can lock them too just to protect them from your naughty kids.

6: Cooking Essential

Items that are essential for cooking every day you can keep close to the backsplash if there is space available. If you look carefully around the backsplash then I am sure you can create a hidden space for cooking items that you can access easily for your daily routine.

But if you have not found yet space around the backsplash then free up some space around the countertop and keep them there.

7: Dry Food and Canned Items

In every kitchen, we have storage of dry and canned food items bought from the market. We can keep them in pantry space or similar space available in our kitchen. while about spicy items our best suggestion is that you keep them in jars and do labeling on them. So, whenever you need them, you can easily access them with a reading label on them.We mentioned spicy items with dry food because for freshness you should keep it dry.

8: Other Items

We have described all possible items for your kitchen arrangement after renovation but if there are still some items that we have not mentioned here and you rarely use them then you can keep them in free cabinets available in your kitchen.

During this all arrangements please keep in your mind that your items never disturb your daily workflow because we know all during cooking in the kitchen how much we are busy. During cooking our focus is always on preparing food and if our workflow will disturb us, then with wasting of time, you have to wait for your food which you never want from a hungry tummy.


In this article, we have described all how you can manage your items after renovating your kitchen. we have suggested you keep heavier items to the lower parts of your kitchen where chances of falling are eliminated. We hope this article will be very helpful for you to make a proper plan to keep your needy items and rarely used items in the right place in the kitchen.

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