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How Much Heat Can A Quartz Countertop Take?

Quartz countertops are one of the most trending countertops people love installing in their kitchens. They are stylish, durable, and need less maintenance compared to others. Due to its non-porous nature, you won’t need to seal the surface properly and can easily remove stains.

How Much Heat Can A Quartz Countertop Take

If your kitchen remodeling has just finished and you’ve got elegant design countertops. You are excited about first cooking and preparing your favorite dishes. Also, you are afraid of getting heat marks or putting the scorching pan on the freshly installed worktops.

So, let us find out do quartz countertops really resist heat or get damaged.

Can quartz countertops withstand heat?

Quartz countertops are highly resistant to heat but for a certain temperature. These countertops are man-made; when installed in the kitchen, they are a combination of 7% resins and 93% quartz.

That’s why they have less heat resistance compared to granite. Quartz worktops are strong and last long in the kitchen but cannot withstand if a high-temperature item is placed over its surface.

The surface will get cracks, and the original color of the countertop will disappear if you place any hot item at more than 150°C temperature. The maximum temperature that a quartz worktop can resist is approximately 300°F, and when this limit crosses, the slab will break or start melting.

We have listed the following items that you have to avoid putting on the quartz countertop:

  • Hot pot
  • Toaster
  • Cook
  • Crockpot
  • Curling iron
  • Hot cast iron skillet or pan

But, if you want to put them on the countertop, you must follow some protective measures. You can use hot pads or trivets to protect the surface from damage.

Ways to protect quartz countertop from heat

Quartz countertops don’t need any sealant because they have resins mixed in them that help to protect the surface from stains and other soft marks.

But, heat can damage resins because they have less resistance to heat.

So, if you have installed quartz in your kitchen and are worried about its safety and protection from stains, heat marks, and discoloration, you can follow our methods to stay safe.

Use pads or trivets

To save your quartz countertops from damage, you should place heat-resistant pads or trivets in your kitchen. They act as a barrier between the hot pan and countertop and protect the surface from the excessive heat that may cause cracks. To make the kitchen more appealing, you can install wooden trivets that look attractive on the countertops.

trivet for countertop

Try heat-resistant mats

Another great thing that you can try is heat-repellent mats. They are big and available online in different colors; you can choose the color according to the color scheme of your kitchen. Place the mat on the worktop; whenever you finish cooking, you can put a crockpot or any hot item on it and secure the surface.

Similarly, you are getting ready for a party and straightening your hair. In a hurry, you put the hot curling iron on the countertop and forget to turn off the switch. When you come back home and see the iron is still on, at that time, all the damage will have been done, and the countertop surface will get burn marks. Here heatproof mats work best and save you from these kinds of situations. Further, we will guide you on how to fix heat damage on quartz countertops.

Use coasters

Coasters help secure the countertop from getting stains or rings caused by coffee mugs. Whenever you start filling the coffee mug, put the coaster below it. It will help to stop the heat from causing any damage and leave the surface unstained.

coaster for mug

Steps to repair heat-damaged quartz countertops

Unluckily, if your quartz countertop is damaged and some heat marks appear on it, you can remove the heat marks by following our given methods. No doubt, quartz worktops provide a captivating look to your kitchen, so you need to repair the burn marks to restore the actual appearance of the kitchen.

Try dishwashing soap

Using dishwashing soap is the safest way to remove stains from quartz. The burn mark may vanish if it is not too hard or deep. Take an ordinary dishwashing soap that is easily available in your kitchen, put hot water on the stain and apply some soap. Rub the surface gently in a circular motion, and keep repeating the process to wipe out the whole stain. If the heat stain disappears from the surface, clean it with fresh water and dry the countertop. You should install trivets or heat pads to avoid this issue in the future.

Fix with baking soda

Baking soda poultice is the miraculous way to pull out all the stains from your quartz countertop. To make the poultice, we need baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is a compound that strongly works against stains, and that’s why it is added to the mixture to speed up the spot removal process.

Mix both items in a container; when the poultice is ready, choose a specific area where we can test on a little section to check if it really works or damages the surface more. Apply the poultice and seal the stains with the help of a plastic wrapper. Wait 24 hours, the poultice will dry, and the heat stain will be removed. When the stain removes from that specific section, apply the poultice to the remaining stain surface. After that, use a quartz-friendly polish to give the surface a shining look.

By following this method, you can also treat the discoloration of quartz worktops.

Last Words

If you are an owner of quartz countertops, you should take care if you want to see them for a long time in the kitchen. These countertops are undoubtedly durable, but due to less heat resistance than others, they can make trouble. But don’t worry, the methods we shared here are personally tried, which will help you to solve quartz-related issues and how you can prevent them. We hope you find this guide straightforward. Do share with your friends!

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