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How To Prevent Painted Cabinets From Chipping?

how to prevent painted cabinets from chipping

Cabinets are the essential and the most expensive part of the kitchen. They give a graceful appearance and help store major items in the kitchen. You have recently done the kitchen remodeling, and you will notice that the cabinets’ paint is peeling off or scratching. This is just unexpected because how is it possible to freshly finished cabinets? Don’t worry; we will point out what mistakes can cause this issue and how you can prevent the painted cabinets from chipping.

5 Causes why your painted cabinets chip

1. No proper sanding

Before painting kitchen cabinets, you must do sanding because it will provide a smooth surface and help to stick the paint over the surface quickly. If you start painting the cabinets without proper sanding, the paint will start peeling after some days and spoil all your hard work. So to get a smooth and long-lasting finish, you should do sanding first.

no proper sanding

2. Don’t rush while prepping

The most common mistake people make while painting cabinets is rushing at work. Don’t ignore the important steps that help us get a durable finish. You can clean the surface of the cabinet properly, remove any debris or dirt, and do sanding to get a strong finish. Many professionals forget the sanding process and start painting over the previous coat; that’s why the paint doesn’t make a strong bond with the cabinet surface and starts chipping after some weeks.

3. Hard scrubbing

Your kitchen cabinets have become so dirty, and a lot of grease is collected on them, so you’ve decided to wipe out all the dirt. You started cleaning harshly to remove all grease that resulted in scratches on the surface of the cabinet. So, avoid cleaning the cabinet’s surface hard; it can chip the paint and mar its look. Water and baking soda combination are the safest ways to clean the cabinets.


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4. Using unsafe cleaners

You are taking care of your cabinets and cleaning them regularly. Unknowingly, you have used some harsh cleaners to clean the cabinets that react with their surface and start chipping the paint. Don’t do that again; you can use safe methods to clean the cabinets. Using dishwashing soap with warm water is the best way to clean the cabinets.

unsafe cleaners

5. Wet paint

In some situations, you will see the paint is dried, and when you touch the surface, the paint starts removing. Actually, the paint is wet and doesn’t dry yet; it may take weeks to dry. It also depends on the environment and humidity of the area where you are painting. The paint will dry quickly if you are in a less humid area. So, always wait some days to dry the paint and start using the cabinets.

Tips to prevent painted cabinets from peeling

Normally, cabinets that are painted professionally can last up to 8 to 10 years but getting chipped paint surface is very common. You can follow our tips to prevent the paint from peeling.

Try bumper pads

You may have noticed the paint in the cabinet’s corner continues to chip. You can prevent it by installing bumper pads on the corners. Bumper pads are less expensive and easily available in online stores. To install the bumper pads, first, do the cleaning process, use isopropyl alcohol and a soft cloth to remove dirt particles. Take a number and avoid touching the adhesive part; put it on the corner. If you have installed the bumper incorrectly, remove it and repeat the process. This will help to save the paint on cabinets from peeling or scratching.

Use a primer coat

Before painting, applying primer to the cabinets will help you to prevent paint from chipping or peeling. It can stick stronger with the cabinet surface. The primer will perform better if the surface is properly cleaned and sanded, protecting the paint from scratching for a long time. 

Last words

Any paint can face peeling issues if you don’t properly care for your kitchen cabinets. So, regularly clean your cabinets with water and protect them from sticky grease. If you are hiring a professional, ask him, “have you done the sanding before painting, and how many paint coats have you applied?” It is to reconfirm that they have done the right job. If you like this guide, please share it with your friends.


How many coats of polyurethane do you put on cabinets?

Polyurethane is a coating used for getting a modern, stylish, and durable finish. It is one of the most widely used coatings that help in the protection of water, grease, & and oil on the cabinet surface. You can use two coats of polyurethane to get a highly resistant finish.

Should you wax-painted kitchen cabinets?

Yes, it is necessary to wax your painted cabinets, especially if you have some chalked paint. Put a layer of wax over the cabinet surface to help prevent chipping paint from the cabinets.

Is Rust-Oleum chalk paint good for kitchen cabinets?

If you have a low budget and want to refinish your cabinets, then Rust-oleum chalk paint will be a better option. It needs less prep time and provides a fresh look to the kitchen cabinets.

Is it cheaper to paint or replace kitchen cabinets?

Cabinet refinishing is always cheaper than replacing; if you don’t want to break your bank, buy paint and start painting the cabinets. If you are not well refinishing the cabinets, then go for a professional.

What color cabinets are best for resale value?

People love and are most interested in buying a kitchen with a white design. Because white color gives multiple options to the people to decorate their kitchens. If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen, go for white color, it will add more value to the home and pay you more.

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