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How To Remove A Kitchen Island? A Step-By-Step Guide

If you are going to make some changes in your kitchen first, you should remove your kitchen island. Either you want to clear some space from your kitchen or change the older kitchen island with the new one. It serves as the kitchen’s main attraction. Nevertheless, Kitchen Island provides extra storage space for your apparatuses and extra working space. But this is the central part of the kitchen and stands in the middle, which needs to be replaced first during the kitchen renovation.

How To Remove A Kitchen Island

However, removing them is quite a tricky task. These could be of various types and require specific techniques and tools for their removal. Mainly Kitchen Island comes with a wooden base and granite, marble stone, or wooden countertops. Kitchen Island is accoutered with electrical outlets and a sanitary system. So it could be a technical task, and you will need to hire some professional laborers to remove them from the space.

In this article, we will guide you on how to remove Kitchen Island while monitoring the safety level.

8 Steps for removing the kitchen island

Before starting the procedure, one crucial thing to consider is having a precise idea about the Kitchen Island’s construction and assembling in one place. To remove the Kitchen Island, you must follow the steps below. However, you will need the following compulsory equipment before starting the procedure.

Required Material:

  • Labor (for achieving the hassle-free task)
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Drill
  • Saw
  • Pliers
  • Safety Equipment
  • Pry bar

After taking the estimated idea and gathering the material, start the process with the following steps.

1. Completely clear the area

You will never want anything to disrupt the process. Therefore, you want to clear the area and the kitchen. Before starting, make sure to disconnect the apparatuses and remove them from the space. Carefully clear the drawers by removing all the stored jars. Pull out the drawers from the Island and place them aside.

2. Removal of molding

After getting the surface clear from the materials, remove the molding on the Kitchen Island. A proper tool would be helpful in this situation. To remove it, use a hammer or pry bar. As you remove it, you can clearly see the wire placement on the Kitchen Island. Additionally, it clarifies the structure’s basis and arrangement, which makes it easier for you to take it out of the space.

3. Disconnect the electricity & water supply

To begin the process, disconnect the water and electricity supply. It is the necessary step for starting any critical work in which plumbing and electricity are involved. Cut the main power supply by turning off the button. So you can protect yourself from getting in touch with power outlets. Similarly, you can cut the water supply by turning off the valves you could find beneath your sink. You can easily remove the sink and electricity outlets from the Kitchen Island.

4. Cabinets and drawers removal

Once you turn off the power and water supply next step is to remove the fixed cabinets, sink, and drawers. Removing the cabinets and drawers from it makes it easily replaceable. Start with removing the sink by unscrewing its screws. Slightly raise the sink out of place. After disconnecting the drain and supply pipes, pull out the sink and put it away.

Now it’s time to remove the cabinets or cupboard doors and drawers. Some need a pry bar for poking it out, while some doors are joined with screws, so you need a screwdriver for detaching them. Put this stuff aside. You can reuse good-conditioned drawers and discard the damaged ones. The Kitchen Island can now be separated as the next step.

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5. Removal of kitchen island top

The top of Kitchen Island is made of granite, marble, tile, and some other heavy material like stone. Removing of countertop involves heavy lifting. You might need a helping hand to perform the task smoothly at this step. The countertop must not be harmed in the process. By unscrewing the nails and keeping them steady, begin removing the top. Try to unscrew them without damaging the adjacent cabinet wood. After pulling out, the nails use crowbars to lift the countertop. Be careful while lifting the countertop so you don’t damage the wall and place the countertop away.

6. Removal of the wall holding the top

Once you are done with removing the top of the kitchen island next step is removing the wall or anchor, which provides solid support to the countertop. It is the trickiest step, as removing the wall is not so simple. It would be best if you had a saw with a wood-cutting blade to cut this anchor. Select a point near the hardware removing positions. You can start cutting through this point and easily pull out the wall at the end. Don’t cut or harm the other wood.

7. Removal & storage of hardware for reuse

While doing the process, remove all the hardware below the top and place them in a separate box. These are the necessary parts that you will need for attaching the countertops. All the screws, handle, and knobs should be kept safe, so you don’t need to buy a new one.

8. Removing kitchen island legs

Not all, but some kitchen islands have legs, so to remove Kitchen Island altogether, you need to remove its portions too. Removing these legs is not rocket science. If your legs join with screws, then easily unscrew them with a screwdriver, or you can pull them out with a crowbar. Pick all the hardware and place it aside. Cut any wall framing that stand where you need to put the new frame for another countertop. Remove remaining molding that attaches to the base of the wall.

Wrapping Up

While remodeling the kitchen, you might think removing the old kitchen island will be challenging. However, if you do sufficient research and make good decisions, you can complete this task alone. You need the perfect tools and machinery for pulling out the kitchen island. This article is a comprehensive guide that will help you remove your Old Island; if you are still confused about the process, hire the professionals and leave it to them.


Do kitchen islands always have a floor attachment?

No. Your kitchen island doesn’t need to be firmly attached to the floor. Removing of Island could be a hectic task for some homeowners. Portable Kitchen Island is the alternative option for them. They may be swiftly moved from one location to another without causing stress.

What is the cost of removing a kitchen island?

The cost of removing Kitchen Island depends on different factors. It can vary from area to area. If you live in a place where you don’t have a local store, you need to hire professionals and pay a high cost. Another factor is the cost of the new kitchen island. If you want to install the readymade kitchen island or build it yourself, make sure to buy a good one at a reasonable cost.

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