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How To Remove Grease From Stone Backsplash?

If you are wondering how it is possible to remove grease easily from your precious stone backsplash, this article is worth reading. The kitchen backsplash is mainly made of different natural stones such as granite, marble, slate, soapstone, and quartz (artificially created). The main purpose of the backsplash is to guard the wall behind the sink and stove. 

You don’t want to get stained on your painted wall while preparing the meal. So you choose to install a stone backsplash, which can get filthy from splashes. While cleaning the kitchen, you might neglect this part of the kitchen. However, it also needs to eliminate all oil and grease residues. So, if you are unsure what product you should use to clean the surface, we researched thoroughly and found the technique to remove these splashes from your kitchen backsplash. 

4 Steps for removing the grease from stone backsplash

Cleaning this part of the kitchen is not difficult if you know about the right product and procedure for polishing. We will discuss the step-by-step process of cleaning the backsplash. Collect the following thing before starting the process:

  • Soft brush
  • Dish soap/ neutral base cleaner
  • Bucket
  • Clean cloth

1. Select the soft brush

First, you will need a soft scrub or toothbrush. The soft bristles of the meeting are best as you don’t want to get scratched your stone and make it dull. These brushes can completely clean the rough surface of stone backsplash. There could be harsh dirt particles between the tiles, but you can easily remove them with the help of a meeting. 

2. Use dish soap/ cleaner

Now move towards the foremost step of removing the grease. Here you will need to select the best cleaner for your backsplash. Be careful when choosing the cleaner, as most cleaners are not suitable for all types of stones. Choosing the wrong one could damage your backsplash and leave a permanent strain. You will therefore need to completely replace them with fresh ones in order to remove them. The best option for cleaning the surface is mild dishwashing or a neutral base cleanser.

You can go for any readymade dishwasher or a cleaner. If you buy the readymade cleaner, select the one that is suitable for your stone. You can easily choose by reading the guidelines given by manufacturers. However, some products are specifically designed to clean a specific stone; buy them according to the type of your stone. After selecting the best one, take a bucket full of water. Pour 1 to 2 spoons into the water and make a solution. If you are going to use dish soap, dissolve it in the water. 

Note: Some stones are sensitive to detergents and cleaners. Always check its suitability by applying the milder solution to the rock.

3. Spray the solution on the surface

The next step is the application of this solution on the surface. Fill the mixture in a spray bottle and begin misting the surface. Now softly rub your brush on the surface in a circular motion. For better results, leave the solution on the surface for more than 20 minutes because every chemical takes a little time its react.

4. Wash out the stone backsplash

After cleaning and leaving the cleaner for some time: Wash it thoroughly with fresh water. If you don’t eradicate it, a white soap coating can be remained on the backsplash and will ruin its appearance. Dry the backsplash with a soft cloth. After cleaning the area, check that you have removed every point. 

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Products to avoid for removing the stone backsplash

You should never apply different things and products to the stone. Do not apply acidic materials directly to it. Following are some products that are strictly not recommended for use. 

  1. Vinegar: All of us know about its acidic nature so avoid this to apply on the surface. When we use any acidic product on the stone, they leave an acid to etch or dull that part of the stone. To remove these sarcastic marks, you need to contact the store restoration to make it perfect. 
  2. Citrus soap: Avoid using any citrus base soap or dishwasher like vinegar. It may remove the stone’s protective coating.
  3. Bleach: Some people think cleaning the stone is the best option. Primarily this is used as a disinfectant. But bleach is not a robust product that can altogether remove your grease, grime, and dirt from your stone. 

Tips to protect the stone backsplash

  1. While constructing the kitchen, some people love to keep a consistent theme in the kitchen. Whatever look you will apply in your kitchen, select the stone with a smooth finish. 
  2. When you plan to clean the whole kitchen, try not to forget to clean the backsplash. There might be some strains that you don’t require scrubbing and can be quickly cleared out with a damp cloth. If you ignore or don’t clean them, they will get stiff and become hard to remove. 
  3. Use a sealer on the backsplash as you mainly use it on the countertops. If your backsplash has grout lines, then you must protect it with the help of a sealer. These sealers reduce the chance of getting stained on the stone backsplash. 


Can you use baking soda as an alternative to the stone cleaner?

Yes, baking soda can be used by mixing it with water. It can easily remove the grease or oil stains from the stone backsplash. Just apply this paste to the area and wipe it off, and you will get a stain-free area. 

What is the best stone cleaner?

The best stone cleaner should be neutral. Neither acidic nor basic stone cleaner is perfect for removing oil stains or grease from the stone.

Final thoughts

It should be clear how to remove grease from the stone backsplash. However, this process is not challenging enough for anyone but still requires solid knowledge about using perfect materials. You should know what chemical is suitable for your stone backsplash, so you don’t destroy its appearance. 

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