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How To Protect Hardwood Floors During Kitchen Remodel?

How To Protect Hardwood Floors During Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodeling isn’t an easy process; you have to do too much struggle to survive it. From planning meals to setting up a makeshift, everything should be done in the right way. There are multiple challenges and risks you can face while having a renovation. As many people have hardwood floors installed in their homes and kitchen. Floors made of wood have more chances of getting cracks, scratches, dents, and spots when the construction work is ongoing. Following the given quick steps, you can easily protect wooden floors from damage.

6 Ways to protect hardwood floors

protect hardwood floors

1. Begin with covering the floor

Before the remodeling works start, you have to cover the floor to avoid damages or dents properly. You can use different hard boards to protect the floor but remember it should be installed appropriately so the worker can easily move into the kitchen. We have recommended some coverings that you can use; let’s dive deeper:

  • Use the ram board

Ram board adds heavy-duty protection layer over the surface of wooden or any floor. Its hard material helps prevent stains, dents, paints, and cracks and saves your main surface. You can use masking tape to install the ram board into the floor because it is highly adhesive and work best for smooth surfaces. The ram boards are also re-usable; when your renovation works completely, you can remove and store them for future use.

  • Rosin paper

Using rosin paper is another effective way to cover your wood flooring. It is a super strong paper that protects the floor from getting moisture and tearing out. When 2-3 days are left in the renovation work, you can start putting the paper. To install rosin paper correctly, start rolling it over the surface and use duct or painter tape for a strong grip. Apply the tape on all the sides, and don’t forget to miss anyone. You can also use a staple gun to put the rosin paper on the hardwood floor because remodeling work will last for weeks, the tape may become loose and can affect the temporary flooring.

  • Masonite sheets

Masonite sheets are strong, durable, and have high density. They are made from wood fibers, and due to their strength, you can use them for covering the hardwood floor. First, you have to take the total measurement of the kitchen floor or where you want to install the sheets. After purchasing the masonite sheet, you have to turn them according to the kitchen floor. When sheet installing work finishes, put tape on sheets to connect them. The final layer we get will help prevent dents, paint spots, and scratches.

  • MDF board

MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) is a type of board that comes from engineered wood. If you have a big kitchen that may take months to renovate, an MDF board is the best option. It can easily handle foot traffic and provides a safeguard to the kitchen surface.

  • Cover with cardboard

The easiest way to set up temporary flooring is by using cardboard; it costs less and can survive all the damages that heavy tools may cause during the construction work. It is easy to cut and adjust; to stop it from sliding over the wooden surface, you can apply painter’s tape on the corners and edges.

  • Use hardboard sheets

To give an extra shield to the wood surface, hardboard sheets do this job perfectly. You can use different hardboards that suit your budget to cover the kitchen surface. These sheets are re-usable; you can also use them in setting up the temporary kitchen.

2. Reduce foot traffic in the kitchen

On normal days, the kitchen is the most used zone in the whole home. We use the kitchen maximum time a day for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, water, and coffee. Now, it’s time to remodel, and you have to lessen the kitchen use. Reduce your daily activities in the kitchen, and the best option is to build a temporary kitchen in the spare space of your home. Besides, advise your kids not to enter the kitchen even with the wheeled toys.

3. Specify a path for moving

Decide a specific route from the door to the kitchen; it should be easily accessible so workers can move construction material without extra effort. After considering the path, cover it with plastic film or use hardboard sheets because the worker keeps using the route, and there are chances of getting mud or debris inside. Furthermore, the bottoms of your shoes may have dirt that can enter the home easily with your footsteps. To prevent it, put a cover on the shoes whenever entering inside.

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4. Don’t let the pets enter the kitchen

We all love pets, especially cats, and dogs are the sweetest animals on the earth. But, they don’t know about undergoing construction work or other stuff. There are a lot of electric tools and construction materials in the kitchen that can hurt the pets. So, keep an eye on them and avoid their entry into the kitchen. You can keep the doors locked when construction work finishes at the end of the day. This way, your dog or cat will not be able to enter the under-maintenance kitchen.

avoid pets entering the kitchen

5. Keep the surface clean

During the construction work, a lot of dust and debris spread over the kitchen surface. You must clean the area regularly and use a vacuum to clean rapidly. Similarly, when the painting work is going on in the kitchen, there are chances of getting paint stains on the floor. You can use a plastic film or our recommended cardboard to cover the area and prevent stains. If you forget to clean the paint and it becomes dry, try removing it with a solvent or scrape off.

keep the kitchen surface clean

6. Seal the overall kitchen

You should seal the kitchen completely to prevent the dirt from spreading in the home. Most people have a duct system in their rooms; due to construction work, the dust transfers to other rooms through ducts and makes them dirty. A plastic film with duct tape can help you to control the dirt. You have to seal the ducts with the film and tape completely.

Last Words

These were some safety guides that can protect your hardwood floor from any severe damage. Some people may face difficulty installing the hardboard sheets; they can hire a professional. So, this is how you can easily survive the kitchen renovation without getting dents or scratches. If you loved this guide, do share it with your friends.

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