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How To Turn Off Water For Kitchen Remodel?

How To Turn Off Water For Kitchen Remodel

So, you have finally decided to remodel your outdated kitchen and are excited about it. You selected the design you loved the most and shared all the detail with the contractor, including your favorite color countertops, cabinets, modern styled sink, & others.

But there are some things that you should consider before the renovation process starts; it will help you to prevent any trouble. Like, when the plumbing work is going on, the water starts leaking from the sink or any other pipe available in your kitchen. It may damage the freshly painted walls and ruin the real look of that area. By blocking the water access, you can save from this issue.

Expert remodelers know these things, but you should also tell them as preventive measures. You can also do it yourself by following our guide on turning off the water for kitchen remodel. Read here.

Cut the water supply

The main purpose of blocking the water supply is to prevent leaks. It helps in saving water from escaping and makes the plumbing work easier.

Start from sink

Sink is the most used part in the kitchen and the water too. It is connected to the water pipes that you can see underneath the sink. The main water supply will connect the sink pipes; you have to put the water block shutoff valve on the main pipe. Doing this will never face any leakage issues during the remodeling work. When the new sink is installed, they will remove the shutoff valve and restore the water connection to make the sink functional.

kitchen sink water shutoff


A dishwasher is also the most common kitchen appliance used by thousands of people. We also need to stuff off the dishwasher’s water supply to prevent leaks. First, locate the main water pipeline where you can find its downside; here, the pipe sends hot water to the dishwasher. You have to install a water shutoff valve here to block the water access completely. This will help in installing new piping and dishwasher without any disturbance.

block dishwasher water supply

Water purifier

Usually, you will find the piping of the water filter under the sink. First, you will find out which pipe connects the water filter and the main supply. Now, remove the connecting pipe with the help of a wrench. Remember, the valve of the purifier may be different in size; you have to put the same water-blocking fitting valve to close the water entry completely.

close water of water purifier


You may be familiar with the latest kitchen designs with a modern-styled refrigerator installed. You can easily find the water supply for the refrigerator under the sink. First, turn off the water access by moving the knob and removing the pipe attached to the refrigerator. Take a shutoff valve and put it on the main water supply. It blocks the water and saves it from leaking.

turn off refrigerator water supply

Wrapping Up

The appliances like the refrigerator have a water dispenser that needs a water connection. So, we must put a water shutoff valve into all the water supply lines. These safety measures will help you in saving a big loss. You should also consult this issue with your contractor, they will take care of it, and you don’t need to do it yourself. Have a safe kitchen remodeling!


How long will it be without water during a kitchen remodel?

It depends on how big your kitchen is and what layout or design you have chosen. The kitchen remodeling lasts for weeks, so you can’t use water until the work finishes. Using water in the under-construction kitchen isn’t recommended because there is a lot of work, including painting and electricity, and you may face trouble. You can switch to a temporary kitchen to fulfill your water needs.

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