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How To Hide Wires Under Cabinet Lighting?

Messy wires in the kitchen make it look ugly and reduce the aesthetic feel. As cabinets are the major part that is noticed every time whoever entered the kitchen. It is a place where we can add lighting to give it a professional feel and get rid of darkness. Under cabinet, lightning helps us to prepare food and manage utensils easily. But, some people have messy wires under the cabinet that mar the real appearance of the kitchen. We will share here useful tips on how you can hide the mismanaged wires to make the kitchen more beautiful.

How To Hide Wires Under Cabinet Lighting

3 Tips To Hide Wires Under Cabinet Lightning

Tip 1: Valances

Attaching wooden valance is one of the best ways to hide wires under the cabinets lightning. Simply install the valance that matches the color scheme of your kitchen or cabinets. There are multiple types of valances with various colors and sizes available in the market. First, you have to manage the wires and make them a single bundle, you can plastic wrap or use staples to organize the wires. When this process completes, take wood glue and start installing valance. You have to wait for 12 to 24 hours so the glue becomes dry and the valance gets a strong grip over the cabinet surface.

For making the valance more classy, you can paint it or add decorative things, keeping it simple is also the best option.

Tip 2: Use cord covers

A cord is an easy and cost-effective method to cover up the dangling wires under the cabinet. You can easily find it online in different styles and colors. Decide the color of the cord cover according to the color scheme of your kitchen, if you have wooden-styled cabinets installed in the kitchen, wooden cables cover are also available in the market. When you go with the proper matching of cord covers and the cabinets, it will add uniqueness and beauty to the kitchen. For installing the covers, there are two options that you can use.

1) Hot glue gun

2) Staple gun

Using a hot glue gun

For cleanliness and getting a strong grip over the cabinet surface, using a hot glue gun would be the best choice. First, decide the area where you want to install it and how much it is long. Turn on the glue gun and leave it for some time to make it hot. When the gun gets warmed and the glue starts melting, take the cover and apply some glue to it. Install the backside of the cover under the cabinet and hold it strongly for 2-3 minutes. Remove your hand gradually and keep checking the cover is fastened with the cabinet. Now, place all the wires inside the cover and apply the top side of the cover to completely close it. Securing the cord cover through glue may not be effective if you have a mess of wires. In this situation, the staple gun method will work perfectly.

Staple gun

If you have a few heavy wires under the cabinet lightning then securing the cord cover through a staple gun is an effective method. When you buy the wire covers, they already have some holes that are made for nails. You can also use nails to secure the cover but using staples is more good work. Take a staple gun and install staples after some distance to one another so they can firmly attach to the cabinet surface. When this job completes, put the wires inside the cover, you can use zip ties to gather up if there is a bunch of wires. That’s it.

Tip: 3 Use adhesive wire clips

An adhesive wire clip is another efficient way to hide the wires under the cabinet lightning. Adhesive clips are cheap and easy to install, for a proper installation first you have to take the idea about how long the wires are and how many clips I need to install. You have to install the clips at a distance so that it won’t look like the wires are hanging loosely. When you finish installing the adhesive clips, check again if there is a space left or not. In case, if there is a

Always do the right wire placements

Whenever you do the lightning work in the kitchen, always keep the wires organized way. It will give a professional look to the kitchen and increase its beauty. You can try our mentioned tips to hide the wires anywhere in the kitchen. If you are unable to properly hide the cords, you can hire professionals for this job.

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